ConvertKit Free Vs Paid – Which Should You Get? 2024

Are you confused about ConvertKit free vs paid and want some help to decide between them? then you are land in the best place.

ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing software that lets you establish a strong connection with your audience to build trust with them and you can easily convert your trust into leads.

But, If Convertkit provides some special features that worth the value of money then makes sense to buy its paid plan otherwise your money can be wasted.

In this post, we’ll be diving deep into ConvertKit free vs paid so that you have the full ability whether to buy or not?

So guys, I recommend you read this article till the end before taking your decision.

Let’s get started.

Convertkit Free vs Paid: Overview










Landing Pages & Forms



Customizable Domain

Send Email Broadcasts

Subscriber Tagging

Automated Funnels

Email Sequences

Premium Support


Free Migration


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Convertkit Free vs Paid: Comparison

Convertkit free vs paid
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Convertkit is a freemium tool that comes in two versions, their free version offered limited features comparable to that of the paid version, so many people want to know what is difference between them.

Don't worry, I'm here to help you for destroying your confusion and using the best in Convertkit free vs paid.

In this guide, first I will tell you the features, pros & cons of Convertkit free version then we will go to the paid version of Convertkit, and, in last we will conclude all points and find out whether to choose.

Convertkit Free Plan Review:

Convertkit stands for free to use with basic features at a $0 price, but there is no free migration option, and you can’t automate funnels & email sequences, premium support and integrations are also out of bounds.

Besides, there are some untapped features of this fantastic tool which presented in their free version but it's not enough for professional email marketing.

Here are the features that Convertkit free plan offers:

Landing pages & forms: Create unlimited 100% responsive landing pages and web forms to drive more online sales and draw in new customers, you can create it in less than 10 minutes without touching a single line of code.

Segmentation and tagging: Forms, segments, and tags are mainly three ways to stay organized, when you have many subscribers to your list, they help you to categories them.

Customizable domain: By this feature, the emails will be sent under your domain and result in higher, I always suggest you use Convertkit’s custom domain feature with SPF and DKIM records verification.

Send email broadcasts: Broadcasts are one-time emails that are sent to all subscribers, or filtered based on segment, tag, or custom fields! Simply write your email and send it immediately or schedule it for later.

Pros and Cons

  • Manage 1,000 subscribers.
  • 30 email templates that are free to use.
  • Straight forward interface to ease of use.
  • The subscriber system is tag-based not list based.
  • Auto-resend broadcasts who have not opened your campaign.
  • It not compatible with automated funnels & emails.
  • Not provided premium support.
  • Can't integrations with your WordPress website.
  • Not provided free migration service.

Convertkit Paid Plan Review:

Convertkit paid subscription offers high-quality online marketing options to marketers to allow them to make their services grow and develop targeted subscriber lists.

It certainly has all the features and tools that fulfill your business's email marketing requirements. It has a total plan of functions when it comes to an autoresponder.

They allow for marketing automation, responsive e-mail style, hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, and useful statistical analysis tools, and many more.

Here are the features that Convertkit paid plan offers:

Email broadcasts and templates: Convertkit provides a broadcast service to send or schedule your one-time email and they have three types of templates categories – text, classic, and modern with subtle differences.

Segmentation and tagging: These features introduced by ConvertKit are extremely powerful in sending hyper-targeted email newspapers and broadcasts. Many popular email marketing software still lacks this functionality.

Automations: ConvertKit comes with a very powerful visual automation builder that great to build automation workflows. With this, you can send well-timed, targeted content to your audience.

Integrations: ConvertKit integrates with a number of different apps in 100+ various categories like ecommerce, lead capture, webinar services, CRM, FB ads, and also Zapier to open a whole new realm of integrations.

A/B Testing: Convertkit provides a facility for you to conduct A/B split testing of the subject lines. for this, you need to just enter the two variations of the subject lines to test which one gets the more open rate.

Forms and landing pages: There are three formats of forms you can create to embed on your site and landing page building is one of the unique features which ConvertKit offers whereas some other tools don't offer.

Tracking & reporting: ConvertKit does a great job of tracking the open rates and reporting the key performance metrics. you can see your visitors, conversions, conversion rate, top referrers, and others based on integrations.

Deliverability: The deliverability provided by ConvertKit is often better than its competitors, as it enforces users to use plain text email templates instead of design-focused template emails to avoid land in the spam or promotion tab.

Free Migration: If you are using other tools to capture email and want to move your subscriber's list, forms, automation, timeline, sequences to Convertkit, for this they have their free migration assistance system.

Premium support: ConvertKit offers 24x7x365 live chat and email support to their valuable customers, they also have an extensive knowledge base, video tutorials, and vlogs to stay updated.

Pros and Cons

  • An awesome interface as compare to others.
  • Auto-resend your broadcasts to the people.
  • Advanced visual automation builder.
  • No charge for duplicates subscribers.
  • 24×365 live chat and email support.
  • 100+ design-focused email templates.
  • Constantly updated with new features.
  • Powerful Zapier integration tool in place.
  • Prevents to send emails on the Spam or Promotion tab.
  • Easy WordPress integration with embed codes and forms.
  • Their email templates are really basic.
  • Potentially expensive for new bloggers and content creators.

Convertkit Plans, Pricing, & Discounts

Well, so far we have discussed features, pros & cons of Convertkit free vs paid and we have found out that the paid plan of this tool is more than better of the free plan.

Now, it's time to check Convertkit plans, pricing, and any possible discounts.

Plans & Pricing: ConvertKit offers many different pricing packages on the subscriber's basis and you can get it according to your need, here’s the pricing structure.

  • $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • $49 per month For up to 3,000 subscribers
  • $79 per month For up to 5,000 subscribers
  • $99 per month For up to 8,000 subscribers
  • $119 per month For up to 10,000 subscribers
  • And it goes up according to your email list size

You saw, you can buy the Convertkit paid plan in just $29 a month and after purchasing you will get access to premium support and all the features which we have discussed.

Don't worry, here is a "Deal"

Discounts: Convertkit currently offers 14 days free trial for their valuable customers, so you can get 14 days free of cost on Convertkit if you buy it from the below button.


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Convertkit Free vs Paid: Which is best for you?

This section is very important for you because here we will decide that should you purchase their paid plan or not? I'm presenting with you some points but it will totally depend on you.

It is obvious that Convertkit is the only powerful audience building tool that fully automates the process of email marketing which is why this tool is the best partner for every content creators.

Convertkit free plan is perfect for you, if...

  • You don't afford it because of no budget.
  • You don't have an audience base on your blog.
  • You don't want to work professionally like automation etc.

If you are under these three things then I think you should not need to purchase their paid plan but if you are really serious about email marketing and want more features then zero price is wasted for you.

You should definitely purchase the Convertkit paid plan, if...

  • You want to build a large subscribers lists.
  • You are a non-technical person and want customer support.
  • You want more features to automate landing pages and emails.

I hope, your confusion about the Convertkit free vs paid plan is 100% cleared that the free plan is enough for you or should go with the paid plan of Convertkit.

I recommend you should go for the paid plan which is worth the money, do not think that your money will be wasted but your ROI (return on investment) will improve.

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FAQs on Convertkit Free vs Paid

Before taking your decision from a buying perspective this QnA section will help you to clear more doubts on convertkit free vs paid, so don't skip it.

What is Convertkit?

Convertkit is an email marketing tool that helps you to find your targeted audience, connect with you faster, turn them into your true fans, and earn a living as a creator with our audience building and email marketing software.

What is Convertkit for WordPress?

Convertkit helps you to makes it easy to capture more leads and sell more products by easily embedding email capture forms anywhere (post or page) on WordPress websites.

Is ConvertKit a CRM?

No, ConvertKit is not a CRM. It is an Email Marketing software that will help you to store leads and then convert those leads into customers using emails. So ConvertKit is an Email Marketing platform, not a CRM.

Is convertkit free?

Yes, Convertkit is a freemium tool that you can use free of cost with limitations and also get paid if you want full features.

Is convertkit worth it?

Of course yes, Convertkit is value for money. Many popular bloggers and internet marketers using this tool to increase sales. If you purchase their premium plan then no doubt to worth it.

How much does convertkit cost?

Convertkit cost varies on subscribers base, you can starts at $29/mo with some limitations or also starts at $59/mo with complete convertkit features.

How much is convertkit per month?

Convertkit has two plans, the first one starts with $29/mo and the second is $59/mo, and the other plans depending on your subscriber base.

What is the best email marketing platform?

There are tons of email marketing platform available in the market which provide email services but all of not same. I mostly love Convertkit and Thrive leads for email marketing and also recommend you to use them once. I also advise you can try Getresponse or Aweber.

Is Convertkit better than Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is the first-ever autoresponder I ever used. Currently, I'm using ConvertKit and Thrive Leads for my businesses. Honestly, I found Convertkit much better for my usage as compared to MailChimp.

How do I remove powered by Convertkit?

If you are a free user of Convertkit then you can't remove powered by Convertkit on your email templates. Other than if you want to remove this then you go their paid plans.

Recap: Convertkit Free vs Paid

So we have discussed all the features of both plans in Convertkit free vs paid. Now, I am expecting that you have decided whether you have to buy a paid plan or not.

Of course, the paid plan is much better than the free plan and it’s totally worth investing in a paid tool, so who will miss their 14 days free trial?

Again, ConvertKit is an excellent email marketing platform for bloggers, vloggers, course creators, and other online content creators.

If you are looking for an easy to use good email marketing automation software, ConvertKit can be the best partner for your business. I recommend you use it from the starting days of your website.

I hope this blog will help you to make the right decision, I always try to help you guys by providing the valuable information.

Do you have any more questions about Convertkit free vs paid? Let us know in the comments.

Take care your blogging and affiliate marketing journey!

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